Feb 2, 2012

Beauberry Peppy Violet Review

Let me start off by saying:

Brace yourself for a rave review.

These were kindly sponsored by
UNIQSO (Thank you so much)
and you can get these for a measly $15.90

They have plenty of lenses under $20 for all my budgeters out there.
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Stock Pic:


Actual Lens:

On to the Review!

Color/Design: 9/10 - Looking at these in the bottles, I was a bit dissapointed at first. The color just looked so pale and faint, I didn't think they'd do much to my eyes. I was so wrong. They show up great! They're that perfect violet color that I long for in circle lenses. I just wish that there a little bit less black and more violet. The design is pretty---interesting. The pupil whole is jagged, and black specks liter the entire lens. UNF! THEY'RE SOOOOO PRETTY!

 Enlargement: 10/10 - I'm pretty sure that these are 14.5, I compared them to a 15mm lens, and they're not as big. They enlarge decently. Not to crazy.

 Comfort: 10/10-  These are some of the most comfortable lenses that I've worn in a while.


 (Bath room Light)

Overall: These lenses are to freaking gorgeous. I am so happy that UNIQSO sent them to me. :') Everything about these s just so on point. It makes me definatley want to try out the other colors in the series.

Full Face:


  1. OOOH YASS!!! I love those very vibrant! I will be ordering some! Thank you for the review!

  2. Oh my gosh--- I'd forgotten how stunning and perfect any shade of violet looks on you! <333

    Yeah-- these were originally 14.5 mm, I think? But I know Vassen has re-released quite a few series as 15 mm recently. @_@ Who knows....)

    Also, I flailed pretty hard, since these are the cheapest I've seen the Hyper Huge/Adam lenses yet!! (http://tinyurl.com/8x7yf85) I'm still jonesing for these suckers, like a year after my first over-reactive picspam posts of the series. Haha. The greys are just calling my name~~~! <33 Thanks for the review (and the discount code. ;P)

  3. ah they're so beautiful..
    comfortable level seems good..
    can't wait to open my beauberry lens!
    thanks for sharing~