Feb 11, 2012

Good Morning Krusty Krew!

This post is about to be so yellow.
I'm not a Rilakkuma fan, not even really an HK fan.
But Spongebob, he just gets me. :')

I still remember when I first watched the show. I was 6, maybe 7, sitting in my bed. It was dark, so the glare was too intense for my little eyes to handle. So I'm inches away from the tv, squinting. Spongebob looked at me, and I looked at him, and it was love. Instant love. Good times. Aywho! Where to start?!

I'll start with my wallet.

 My to ah-mazing boyfriend got this for me for Christmas. He's the one that feeds my SB fetish. Seriously. He just knows me to damn well. He got this from Spencer's, and you can too! I've never used it, so yeah, it's still in perfect condition. It's just one of these things that's to pretty to touch. I do plan on using it some day. But until then, it's on display.

 and then my to ah-mazing boyfriend got me these for my Birthday. They're over the ear head phones. The sound quality sucks. Sounds like those 3 dollar head phones you get from Walmart next to the candy, but they're cute. I actually do use them when I can't find my good ones.

iHip is the brand. The part that goes over your ears have Spongebob's eyes, and the band has a siloute of his body. These were def. made for children. They're small and barely fit over my big head.

(teehee, i look cute)

 oh yeah. I have a shirt to match the wallet. ^_^;

okay. I know. Time to grow up already.

and my favorite jammies. they're big and comfy and i don't care that they fall of my butt every time I stand.
Story time:
Just as I was about to post this, my ah-mazing boyfriend comes in my house, and gives me this!

a super-cute spongebob flash drive. Which is so freaking weird, because I was just looked up SB flash drives that very same day on ebay! The good thing about this one is that it's a licensed product. I swear, the other ones looked like they were made by a street vendor. Goodness Gracious. That guy. :) <3 :')


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