Feb 13, 2012

Chocolate + Customize = Chocomize = The perfect Valentine's Gift!

Chocolate goes hand in hand with Valentines day. We all know that.
When you get to customize it, that's when it becomes interesting.
If you dont already know, let me introduce you to---

Chocomize is a company that let's you choose what you want in your bar. "The possibilities are endless."
They have topping such as bacon, potato chips, rose petals, jelly beans, sea salt, cayenne pepper, gummy bears and omg, so much more. First, you choose a base chocolate, like so:

and here's a few ingredient pages.
(click to "enhance")

I purchased 4 bars. One for me, my sister, my mummy, and my boyfwend. 
They averaged about 8 dollars each, simply we decided to load on everything that our eyes liked. Totally worth it. Also, to save a few bucks, use the code "FBinsider" at checkout to get 10% off.

and here they are! Let's start off with the simplest one.

 This was only supposed to be a gag gift. But I think that he may actually enjoy it. His contains potato chips and bacon, topped with a plaque. Can't really tell if the plaque is edible, but I'm sure it is. ^_^; I can't wait to see the look on his face.

Suprisingly, the chips are huge, and not broken.

Up next:
We have my bar.

I didn't want anything to crazy. I kept with traditional items. It has hazel nuts, caramel pieces, toffee bits, and sprinkled with sea salt.

I'm sick, so I want to wait until I get better so that I can actually taste it in all it's glory.

Next we have:
My mummy's chocolate

OMFG. Her's is absolutely delish! The chocolate is so smooth and creamy, you can tell they put time into making it. Ok. She has Pecan halves, cayenne pepper, sea salt, potato chips, and toffee bits.

You can certainly taste the pepper, it's not evident at first, but then it punches you in the throat. Very spicy and I like it. The chips are crunchy and the salt adds that perfect ending. This is chocolate at it's finest.

and lastly:
I bet you all were wondering what that last one was.
Well...it is def. the odd ball.
This is my sister's creation.

Just look at the colors, they really pop against the while chocolate base. doesn't look to appetizing does it?

She had the um...exotic combination of cayenne pepper, ground coffee beans, whole coffee beans, and pop rocks.

Okay, so upon putting these in my mouth, it was really funky! The coffee bean is so pungent. But then you start letting all the flavors mend and the pop rocks get to popping and the cayenne is burning and it's actually tasty. surprisingly it all worked! not my favorite, but still enjoyable.

oh yeah. they left a note. 
So thank you chocomize! For a fun, tasty treat go there and create your own! 


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