Apr 27, 2012

Kat Von D's Saint Palette - True Romance

Kat Von D's True Romance Palette is the cheapy alternative to The Nake Palette. You most of those beloved neutral colors -- for less! <3

I picked up this beauty from Sephora for 38 dollars including tax. I'm not a huge eye shadow chick. Really, it was just an impulse buy, it's been untouched for about a good month and a half. Like, literally, I had just pulled it out the Sephora bag to take these pictures. I swatched a couple colors and decided that I had to have it. :)

The colors are so gorg. tho! It dosen't include crazy yellows and blues so obvs. it's intended for everyday looks.

Within this palette you have the colors

  • Heavens - A Shimmery White
  • Enjoy the Silence - A shimmery Beige
  • <3 - A Matte Light Pink with some sparkle
  • Downtown - A shimmery Copper
  • Sunny - Another Shimmery Copper
  • Pray For Me - An ashy, shimmery Brown
  • Book Worm - A Matte Brown
  • Caravaggio - A darker Matte Brown

The Mattes in this palette are bold as hell! With the exception of Pray for me, all of the colors are opaque and pigmented. Application and have a velvety feel; not all dry and chalky compared to cheaper eye shadows. Therefore, they're a breeze to blend, and the colors stay true.

Pray for me is disappointing. As much as I layer it on the color, it still just looks bland.

The palette also came with a primer! I was excited until I rubbed it into my skin and realized it was a nude color, and made my brown skin look ashy. Black girls like myself can't possibly wear that! -_-; Like seriously, wtf. It was thick and dried before I even finished rubbing it all in. Get it together Kat Von D's make-up team.

Instead of a rinky dink sponge brush, eyeliner was include. It glides on almost like a gel. Though I wish it had been liquid instead of a pencil, it shows nicely. Liquid just gives you way more precision.

The colors are pretty, bold, and vibrant.
But 'Pray for me Sucks'.
Blends well.
Feels like suede.
Comes with eyeliner
Decked out with a huge mirror.

Here's my poo poo EOTD.
Don't laugh.

<3 and Bookworm were used.


  1. I so love your blogs. I will definely look forward toward your next one