Apr 23, 2012

A Million Kisses - Lush Lip Tint

Show casing red lips is the easiest way for an effortless made-up look. And the inner pin-up girl in me was urging for a red pout

So me and my girls walzted into LUSH. (Omfg, I love Lush, and the ladies who work there are always so angelic.) And of course we got to sniffing the soaps like weirdos. I asked one of the ladies if she had any lip colors and surprisingly they did. I told her that I wanted my lips to look bitten. You know how after you make out for a long time, your lips are kinda swollen and that bright red color? Yeah. Like that.

Goshness, it so very pigmented!
Tips: exfoliate and moisturize lips before applying tint.

Me? I just used my toothbrush and warm water to exfoliate.

What you see on your left is the Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss 'Juiced Berry'. Despite how red it looks in the tube, it is completely translucent. Tastes yummy though. ^_^; I prefer to wear it as a top coat to lip colors.

 On the Right is the One Million Kisses lip tint by lush. It kinda-sorta makes my two toned lips look less obvious. I say this product is 10 Dollars well spent.

Lush is all about being being as natural as possible. I mean, look at those ingredients! Rose oil, Lemon Peel, Japan wax?! Gotta love it. <3

Quick Review:

Color: 5/5 
 It is safe to say that Lush's lip tint is worth the money. You can keep it natural with a singly swipe, or go for a bolder look and build up the color. This shade of red compliments my skin tone and I love it. It also has undertones of blue to make your smile brighter.

Endurance: 4/5 
After 6 hours, it was still in good condition. Not exactly as I'd applied it, but still visible. Even after you wipe it off, it temporarily stains your lips. The gloss helps too.

Texture?: 5/5 
Smooth, thick, matte, not sticky...Yeah. 

Overall: 4/5 

Since the red lipstick I wanted to purchase was 30 dollars, Lush's Lip tint is a great substitute. The color is vibrant, the ingredients are au naturale, and it makes my lips look lucious. Yum.


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