Apr 10, 2012

My phone case is STILL cuter than yours :P

Yep. I said it again. Can't walk two feet in the mall with out random people coming up to me, asking to "hold" my phone. I mean it's cute but damn! Can I shop in peace? x]

It's Stitch! From Lilo and Stitch. I have acquired yet another 3D case for my phone. I was getting so sick of the Rilakumma one I had, I just threw it away. And honestly, I'm getting sick of this one too. Next pay check, I will be buying a more sophisticated case.

The ears pop out. :/ One of mine broke, it's just all limp. Oh. I got my case on ebay for 6 dollars. I forgot the seller, but they're all pretty legit, so just pick one with good feedback.

Alsooooo. This case is only compatible with the iphone 4.

He stands!

Here are my friend's phones. We all got the same case~
Destinee has the pink stitch case, I think her name is Lila?

Anywho, this has been your daily dose of cute shit for today. :)

Pink or Blue?


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