Apr 3, 2012

Spring Break Disaster turned gold

Spring break horrible. It was non-exsistant pretty much. Finally being 18, and having a bit of independence, My friend, sister and I wanted to go on an itty bitty trip to have a good time before our senior year ended. We were all just gonna go up to San Antonio, rent a small hotel room for a couple days, go shopping, go get pierced, eat some bomb ass mexican food and definatley go to Six flags! It was going to be bright and sunny and everything was to be prefect,

We had literally been planning this event for months! Seriously, From December all the way until it happened. We were so ready Omg. We rented this cute hotel room! and it was only 80 per night. It had free breakfast and it was within a 5 mile radius from every where we wanted to visit. 

Then we bought our Six Flags tickets, now all we needed was a rental car. We thought "No worries". Destinee's (my friend) cousin will rent the car, she's 23 so everything should be allright. I mean like, she was our only option, no one else would rent it for us.

Okay, so we get to the rental car dealership and they deny us! They say that you need a Texas driver's license! >:( like wtf. They could've told us ahead of time. Seriously. So ugh. It was hot and we was mad. Dissapointed.

We ended up going to the Galleria and released some much needed stress through shopping therapy.

We shopped in a store called Gilly Hicks. It's the sister of Hollister and Abercrombie, except they're not as obnoxious with their logo and they sell awesome bras and panties!

Not to mention the killer sale they had. I know it's damn near summer, but off season shopping is when you score the BEST deals. 

I picked up this preppy cardigan and a fluffy jacket. Had to get them in large. :( My friend and sister took all the smalls they had. and really, I need a medium. But whatever. Large will do. Instead of paying $100 for the coat and $50 for the cardigan. I only paid 30....for both. Red line deals with an additional 40% off. mm-hmm.  can't wait for next winter.

(i need to shrink it. it has no shape. :/)

I picked up 3 body sprays. Apple Orchid smells like yummy green apples. Calla Bluff is pina colada scented. and Velvet Cassia is a fruity/floral mix. I try not to spray to much. They're really strong and make me woozy. One spritz'll do.

and bras. I purchased 2 demis. The one from pink does nothing for me! It makes me look so flat chested. :'(
But my VS one is fab. It has some type of memory foam which gives a subtle lift.

 and along with my purchase I got a complimentary gift caaaaard! Turns out mine is only work 10 dollars. But y'know, whatevs. It's cool. 

But yahh. Umm.
How did your spring break go?!


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