Mar 16, 2012

This place called Potters Wheel

It seems like once a week my boyfriend and I hit up this local arcade and call it a date. We go there so often because the owner gives us free token and go-kart rides in exchange for free food. The point is, it gets boring. Old, stale, dull and boring.

There used to be this little shop that I'd visit to paint little sculptures, they have since shut down and then I discovered POTTER's WHEEL!

They have all types of wonderful little knick knacks. Bags, Candles, picture framse, vases. Lotions, silver wear. Aprons, cards...

What makes Potter's Wheel better than the place I used to paint at, is that you can pain plates, bowls, teapots, cookie jars, and mugs. Not to mention, if you don't like what you see, you can make your own creation and splat some color on it.

Not feeling creative? Don't feel like painting? There are finished products made by others that you can purchase.

 I chose this skull. IDK, for some reason, it just spoke to me.
Here's the matte, sem- finished product. I was kinda dissapointed. The colors I chose didn't look like I thought they would. It was fun painting, but I had hoped for a more spunky finish. The lady there ensured me after she set it in the inferno, that it would be exactly what I imagined.

 and here is the glazed final result. It's so pretty. :) <3 She was right.

it also doubles as a piggy bank. 

I'm going to go to an art supply store and buy some little crystals. I'm gonna deco the eye patch, and then pretty soon, it'll be apart of my new banner. More about that later.


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