Mar 13, 2012

I love blogging about diamonds ♦

And here's another post to rave about my most amazing boyfriend.
So here's the story: It was Valentines night and idk, he was at work, and me at home. Just scrolling endlessly through tumblr, when all of a sudden my mom snuck up behind me and set down this vase. I just started laughing hysterically. It was so funny. Tyron had gotten me edible arrangements, which was exactly the same one I was gonna get him!

(iphone takes great pictures)

The strawberries and apple were over-overwhelmingly chocolaty. But yummy. I love fruit.

We stayed in that night, didn't go anywhere. He was sick, and I just like being at home. He pulled out this little silver jewlery box, I immediately opened it and started munching on the necklace. Hehe, it was one of those candy ones. I wasn't dissapointed, it would be typical of him to do something like that. "Ugh." He rolled his eyes. "You was supposed to be dissapointed!". He then whipped out a zales bag from behind his back and my eyes glittered. Diamonds~ <3

These ear rings are so gorgeous and elegant. I've only worn them a few times because they're to special to just flaunt every day.

He is just so good to me. :') 

I picked up these cuties from Claires. Can you believe they were only clearance at Claire's for only a freaking dollar?! I <3 to blog ear rings. What a find. Now all I need is a I love to blog tee and necklace and I'll be set for life. 


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