Jun 6, 2012

✖ These heels can kill! ✖

Okay. So I know you've seen such celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and even little miss Dakatoa Fanning with those fancy looking spiked heels.You know, the ones that had a sling back, and were peep toe, and had spikes on every inch and was topped with a little bow? They are the Louboutin Clou Noeud heels. I heard that they're sold out and they were about $1200.

Welp. You see, I just graduated high school and I most certainly do not have that kind of money (yet) , but I've always adored those Louboutins. Seriously. I'd reblog them on tumblr every chance I get. But then one day, my whole life changed... And I was in Charlotte Russe. and I saw some knock-off/replicas of said heels.

Don't they share a striking resemblance!? Of course the Louboutins are on the left, and the replicas on the right.
The look-a-likes are called KLUM, and they are sold at Charlotte Russe for $42.50. That's pretty damn cheap compared to $1000+. I got them for $32.50 because they were having a sale one day. The heels come in black, white, and nude.

I love these heels. Love. Love. Love. Ugh. Love. They look so sexy! Pairing well with jeans or a sassy little dress, the spikes makes every thing on you pop~.

As fierce as they are, I do have a couple complaints. I usually wear a 7.5 in heels, but womp womp. These shoes do not come in a 7.5. The 8 was to loose, so I settled with the 7. They're kinda tight, but eh. Nothing I'm not used to.

Also, these heels made my toes go numb. Now, I know it's not just me, because my sister and mother both have the same pair, and their toes went numb and turned purple too! I wore them during graduation and my feet hurt so bad. Taking off those devils and walking on hot concrete felt way better than wearing them any long. I love the way they look, but gosh, I'll keep them stowed away for special occasions only.


  1. I'm probably the reason you've had a lot of views on your site today....I really love you blog. I love the charlotte russe way better than the originals though, couldn't find them online though :(

    1. Omg. I love you. :). And I just checked the website, and they only have them in nude st the moment. But check your local malls or check back later and they may have them.