Jun 10, 2012

New play thing: Viao "E' Series Laptop

Okay. Gosh. Where do I start? So I just graduated High School, and I'm shipping off to this fabulous University in the fall. With that being said, I'm going to need to be able to blog on the go. And so, I purchased this little beauty a few days ago.

(the phone isn't new, but it looks good next to the computer) 

It is the New Sony Viao "E" Series laptop, and apparently they just released last week! :D The basic ones start at $579. I decided to get a RAM upgrade, and I purchased a laptop skin, and I was looking hella cute that day, so the sales guy gave me a $30 discount, lol, I promise I did not flirt with him. It was really creepy actually, because I had came in the day before, and he remembered that I liked to play The Sims so he tested out the games on the computers juuuuust for me! :) My total came out to be 700 dollas.

Here is my baby all opened up. I believe it has a 14 inch screen, with the upgrade I now have the maximum amount of memory along with the i7 processor, which ain't bad for 80 dollars extra. And with the upgrade, I can play The Sims with ease! My old computer is an HP Touch smart. Nothing is really to amazing about it, except that obviously it had a touch screen the giant screen. For 2000 dollars, it can't even run the sims with out being extra choppy, laggy and slow!  

IDK. Just, The Sims is a big thing for me. So, It was imperative that I find a nice computer, than can run it. This Sims has a recommended game rating of 4.5. This new computer has a rating of 4.7. My old computer had a 3.5. Awesome ~

 The keyboard isn't actually purple. ^_^; I purchased the skin for $20. I wanted turquoise, but they didn't have that color for this series. -_-; Anywho, the skin comes in handy because I like to eat crumbly things. The keyboard has a back light, so typing in the dark is fun.

Key Features include: 
  • Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0
  • DVD Architect Studio 5.0
  • ACID® Music Studio 8.0
  • Sound Forge® Audio Studio 10.0
  • Gesture Control (Control actions with out touching the comp)
  • Rapid Wake
  • Built in Stereo Speakers
  • An HD webcam with facial tracking
  • and a bunch of other cool junk
I was most excited about that Video Editing Software. Because Windows Movie Maker is shit, and you can't do anything in it! I can get back to vlogging now.

You can't tell me that my Spongebob wallpaper isn't cute!
I'm happy.

Here's a video! :)


  1. I know this computer released ages ago, but it has always been my "dream computer" as it came in pink and it was the first one i had seen in that color. I am finally getting one and I cannot wait! Thanks for the show & tell

  2. Hey. and yah, these come in two versions of white: The white with blue trimming, and the plain white and black one. Mine is just the plain ol' white and black one, the keys are just all white though. And I'm pretty sure the exact model is called Sony Vaio "E" Series, lol, like, I can't find another name for it. They're all the same computer, just different colors. Also, I bought my computer from the actual sony store if that makes a difference.
    and I'm not seeing the color of my laptop on the website for some reason...Sowwy. :(

  3. Yah. My computer has no blue trimming, it's just plain ole' black and white. Here's the link. :)
    The color is called seafoam white. http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SYCTOProcess?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&LBomId=8198552921666448398&categoryId=8198552921644870001

  4. I wanted a white one just like this, but the ones I saw online had blue trimming on the keys. I didn't notice this with yours, or am I not seeing correctly? I don't really want the blue trimming. If yours does not have this blue trimming, can you PLEASE tell me what is this EXACT model so I can go get it please? I love your blog anddddd Vlog too!!!