Jul 7, 2012

Dorm Room Essentials

I'm going to college this fall, you guys! I don't know how many times I'm going to say that on this blog but--
I'm going to college this fall you guys! I'm shipping off to my dream university in the fall!
My excitement can not be contained. This post will be about Dorm Room Essentials.

Here are just a few items that will be jazzing up my dorm room. The theme is black, with turquoise accents (my favorite color btw). My room at home is 100% turquoise, so I deiced to stick with it so I won't miss my room to much. :'( And the black? It adds sophistication. 

This laundry basket is a decent size. It's not as big as I would like it to be, I have a truck load of clothes. But, hopefully, this will encourage me to wash clothes more often. It was $15 from Ross.

Do you know how hard it is to find Twin XL bedding?! It is a bitch! I understand the main reason is because only college dorms have twin xl beds and you don't usually find that size mattress in the average home. I have the standard twin sized bed myself! and honestly, my bed at home and the beds at UNT look like the same size to me. :/ What is it? A 5inch difference? Pah.

Target has got your back though. Especially the target where my college is located, they were stocked FULL of dorm bedding. They even had Twin XL mattress pads. Very convenient. The comforter was $50, and the sheets were $20.

Pillows so my bed won't be boring, and a throw blanket for decoration, or if I need to lend it to a fellow resident because they're in sexile. ^_^; 
Just a couple hours ago, I also bought bath rug, so I or my roommate won't trek water on the floor as we come out the shower. As for decorations? I still have lots of shopping to do. I have no little statuettes or pictures of friends (not like I have many anyway), or awesome posters. I don't plan on going all out, seeing as how I won't even be spending to much time in my dorm. It's basically just going to be where I sleep and change clothes. But still, I want it to look a little nice, y'know? 


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