Jun 28, 2012

Betsey on a Budget! ❤

Ross is good, Ross is great. Ross has designer brands at low rates! :D
Heehee, like that? 

If you see a designer product at Ross that you like, I suggest you buy it the same day, because it will gone the next! Lucky me, I snagged this Betsey Johnson Laptop Sleeve/Cover/Bag/Briefcase for only $21 something dollas! I saw it at my local Ross one day, and when I came back for it, some other person with great taste bought it. :( Thus, I went to about 6 other Ross's to find it. and there it was all cheap, and pretty and pink. When I tell you I snatched it off the rack, I SNATCHED IT. off. the. rack.

Y'all do know Betsey Johnson is going out of business right? I'm pretty sure this is an authentic piece...Perhaps it can pay for my tuituion on day. o_o

The pattern is wicked!
Anchors, Stars, Roses, all the works
It is officially named Sail Away
That makes sense. ;P


The interior has a couple mesh pockets. Maybe stick your charger in it? Or a CD holder (psh, who has those anymore?).

Not only is it stylish, but it's functional. Fits my laptop with extra space to spare.

Look at all that mula I saved. and look at my turquoise nails. Today was a good day. Definatley.


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