Jun 23, 2012

What do you say when you answer the phone?

Kudos to whoever keeps making all of these unique iphone cases. Ebay makes them so cheap, that I pretty much change them out like ear rings. I tend to stray away from the typical boring rectangular cases, and lately, I even distance myself from the 3D cases (Stitch, Rilakkuma, etc.), because every one they're cat's mom is starting to get them! And there I was, thinking I was original. -_-;

But I am now, with this totally rad "HELLO" iphone case!

You can find this on ebay as well, but I have a good ol' chum who let me have it! :D Because she knows that I am a broke college student, who can't spend all her hard earned refund check on frivolous things. Thanks Natalie!

I'm sure you can find this case on ebay for less than $15. I'm not sure of the seller, but just google Hello iphone case, and it results should pop up. This case is made of silicone, but not the cheap kind. This is that thick, sturdy, industrial silicone! >:)

This case is going to last me a while, for sure, and it's protective, so I can be clumsy. and it's freaking pink! What girly girl does not love pink? YEAH?

and this was your daily dose of cute shit from glitter-skull.com :)


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