Jun 21, 2012

My College Freshman Orientation Experience [PICTURE HEAVY]

I've said this a few times, but I finally graduated high school, whoo~! and now, I'm off to the gorgeous University of North Texas. It is about 5 hours away from where I live, and I'm completely happy with that. I am ready to go. Class of 2016 is going to be a good one. 

Anyway, I had my freshman orientation last Sunday, and it lasted for 3 long days. I met a bunch of amazing people, did lots of walking and snapped plenty of photos!

The dorm I stayed in was bigger than expected
(all images clickable)

Here is a panoramic sweep of the room. It was located in Kerr Hall.

 The beds are adjustable. The room had plenty of drawers and shelves. Even the closets had dressers in them. This isn't the official dorm I will be staying in, it was just temporary. I can't wait to decorate my room, it's gonna be black and turquoise. :D

Here's a live action video! I included the bathroom and the inside of the closet.

My temporary roommate was a total sweetie as well! :') <3

Me in front of the Dorm Hall I'll be permanently staying in. 

UNT has such a beautiful campus. I couldn't capture all of its glory through my camera. I'm not that great of a photographer just yet! The scenery was so lush and green! There's trees every where and cute little squirrels running around. Above the the eagle statue and the Administrative building.

The Orientation leaders put on a little skit for us. It was really cute, they discussed real college issues that students face such as: Love, Suicide, Stress, Discrimination etc. and what the staff can do to help. The OLs were so spunky and they truly did make orientation fun for every one!

This is the Health and Wellness Center. Basically a mini hospital. Students can get shots here, get their eyes checked, get medicines, you know all of that good stuff...and it's free or at low cost!

This is the cafeteria in Kerr Hall during breakfast time.

and the breakfast I had. It was buffet style, and I was so tired and starving I picked up almost everything. The strawberry yogurt was yummy, the muffin was good with my coffee. The coffee was surprisingly fresh, aromatic and tasty. I didn't have to kill it with sugar, but those waffles...The blueberry one was okay, and the  plain one was plain. o_o Whatever, I was hungry.

The whether in Denton is nice, not scorching hot, and not humid. There are plenty of benches to sit on and just chill, until class starts. I saw a few people on their laptops with their shades on enjoying the sun.

 The College of Business 

The fountain. 

The Library is about 3 stories high. and there's a couple cafes in there like this, so you won't have a rumbly tummy while studying.

More green scenery. So many benches and parks~ the students here def. love nature.

Goodness gracious, UNT is so huge, I kept getting lost and I had to use my GPS to navigate campus. :( I looked like such the obvious freshman with my dorm key around my neck. Hopefully, I'll get cool points later.

and then there was the student Union. To me, it was basically like a mini-mall. They have a bank located in side, a food court with big names like taco bell, chik-fil-a, and they even had a sushi bar. but of course they had atleast 2 cafes. Seriously, if you ever need coffee, a cafe is right around the corner no matter where you are.

They had what seemed like a mini- Barnes and Nobles! They sold apple computers and iPads, and even beats headphones. ^_^

and they had these CUTE Hello Kitty UNT shirts. Expensive tho. I plan on getting one as soon as I get my refund check.

Our NEW football stadium! Can't wait to attend all the tail gate parties.

and this was the last picture before my camera died. The coach gave us all a pep talk on the field! :D
I had a blast at UNT. I love that school so so much, my blood is green. The professors inspired me so much, I can't wait to write my first paper and have my first class. Everything was better than I imagined, and now I'm just counting down the days until school starts.
Go Mean Green!

My orientation group. I'm the only black girl, ya can't miss me.


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