Aug 19, 2012

OOTD: Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.

My first OOTD!
I must admit, I actually didn't go anywhere. I woke up this morning wanting to blog, so yeah. Threw on an outfit, snapped pics, and then went right back into my PJs. I have another confession to make: I've only worn this dress and these boots once.

It's not that I don't like the dress or anything. I bought it last spring, you know, when floral dresses were in every shop's window. At the time I had a job, and spent my money on whatever caught my eye and this dress...yes this floral navy blue dress reached for my wallet and threw my card at the cashier!

I bought it from a Texas based store called Bui-Yah-Kah!
The dress is on the short side for sure. If I don't bend over with modesty, my cooch would be hanging out! Thus it is not appropriate for school or work. The only time I wore it was on a date with a guy who I was comfortable enough with to show some extra skin.
Come to mention in, this is actually my first dress...ever. o_o I should really buy more.

And these boots? These are by Minnetonka, the brand who creates all of those super adorable moccasins. My ex-boyfriend gave me these last Christmas, and I only wore them once. Why? Because. Everything that guy bought me, I cherished it and I did not want to mess any of his lovely gifts up. Now that we've broken up, IDGAF anymore. I will be dancing in the rain in these booties with no regrets. Haha. I feel like Disney's Pocahontas with these boots. The fringe just add that touch of spice.