Aug 9, 2012

Color Blocking is still hot ;) - Liliana Monoco Wedges

I'll admit it, I am a bit of a free loader. So when my mom bought these shoes and couldn't fit them, I -ahem-...stole them from her closet. >:) I'm sure she won't miss them, she's got a mound of unworn shoes lusting to be walked in.

With these shoes, I walk and instantly become a color-block-wedges-babe! Not to mention they make my short, stumpy legs look stellar. Rawr.~

I have not seen these in stores (have you?), but you can easily get these on from various sellers ranging from $20-$30. That's a pretty fair price for such a snazzy pair of wedges.

These have a 5 inch heel that will not go unnoticed. These Liliana Monoco wedges come in a a variety of patterns in colors like: Cheetah&Red, Brown&Teal, Neonpink&Beige and so on. 

I'm glad my mummy got them in plain ole' beige and black, that makes them a hell of a lot more versatile and easy to build an outfit around.

These come with two different materials, suede and faux leather. The straps give these a vixen appeal that I adore. The buckles are useless, but they sure are cute!

Whoever this Liliana person is, she makes some cute ass shoes. If I had the money, I sure would not mind buying the whole collection.

Perfect for a night out to the club, a hot date, hell, I'd even step into the office with these.
What ya think?


  1. These look so amazing *.*
    Sucks to be be so tall, I can't wear heels like that because I'd be a giant, so I can only look at them and dream :'D