Aug 7, 2012


Boy oh boy oh boy. How fast these past two years have zoomed by. I seriously can not believe that there was a point in time where I thought my hair would never grow. Silly me. :] I am 2 years into this and I have not looked back. I made a video discussing various topics. If ya don't want to watch it, you can read a quick summary of said topics below. :D

Regimen & Products: MY regimen is so simple compared to other naturalistas it's ridiculous. I wash my hair once a week with One N' Only Argon oil shampoo and conditioner. I've been using this same brand for about a year and a half now. It just works! When the shampoo runs out I'll use anything, but I will not use a different conditioner...EVER! After washing my hair, I twist it with my home made shea butter mixture, and then rock the twist out for the remainder of the time until it is die for another wash. That's it. Shampoo. Conditioner, and Shea Butter.

Protective Stylnig & Styles: I don't do protective styles to much. I think they are ugly and I just like wearing my hair. Although in the summer, if I don't go out, I'll keep my 2 strand twists in until it's time to wash, but that't it. I don't really mix up styles to much either. You will usually see me with my hair in a head band, or bandana...some times a hat. I'm just to lazy to find new styles, and plus, I'm going to college and I don't have time for the extra. BUUUUT, I plan on changing that within the next year or 2 when my hair gets longer. I would like to learn how to do a donut. That would be nice. :) I find that I can retain length with out protective styling. My hair went from 1.5 inches to 10. I'm on track, doing quite well.

Tips: Sleep with a silk pillow. If you want to maintain a decent twist out for a few days, pineapple your hair. Find a good oil and worship it. Oh, and rock your hair with confidence please. Find a good oil and love it.Trim your own ends regularly. 

Transitioning: Trans'ing sucks! I had to big chop, the two different textures were bugging the hell out of me. I would advise every one who wants to go natural to do the same. When I first cut my hair, it has to have been about 1.5 inches and it it is up to 10.5 inches! :) Yay, me. I'm on track and retaining length.

Dating <3: Dating for me has not been an issue at all. I know there are some naturals out there who have a hard time dating or finding some one who accepts their hair. But me? I've been doing just fine. My ex's/current boyfriend liked me for me and not because of my hair, and they've all been black if that matter to anyone. :) 

The proof is in the pudding people!


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