Sep 18, 2012

Mint Chocolate!

Get it? Because my nails are mint and my skin is chocolate? I'm lame. I know. :'(
But this new nail color of mine is not! It's minty cool.
Okay. I'll stop with the corny jokes. For real this time. :D

Finally, I am on time with a trend. I walked into Forever 21 a couple weeks ago and was amazed at all the mint clothing items that had. Like, this color is around every corner, in every store, plastered all over Seventeen Magazine, being constantly reblogged on tumblr. And I don't mind. It's pretty. Much better than Orange "The color of the year", Sephora, I'm looking at you.

The color is Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze. I purchased my bottle from Sally Hansen for $4.99. I'm a Sally member, so they took a dollar off.

Looking at the bottle alone, the color is extremely pale and faint. But apon application and after drying, it darkens a bit. My camera does not do the color any justice, sorry about that. But I'm in love with the color.
And China Glaze is such an amazing brand. I've had this polish on for 5 days with no top coat, and still not chipping. Worth Every penny.

And my brown skin makes the minty color pop even more.
Perfect Winter Color.
What cha think? Do you have any mint items?!


  1. I love mint coloured nails :D haha sounded like I like naturally mint coloured nails -_- .. and aw the glow in the dark polish is cool right?? need to grab it!!.. xx take care

  2. NICE! just followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. ^^ xx

  3. whoa thats a very pretty mint color! ive been eyeing on something similar, essie's apple mint. so cute! and fresh!