Oct 17, 2012

I have the cutest room of them all [Clark Hall Dorm Tour]

JEEBUS! I can't believe it's been a whole entire month since I've touched my blog. :'( It saddens me, because I  never have time to just do what I love the most.College has been good to me, though it keeps me busy 24/7, I am enjoying myself. This is the first time my social life has EVER been this good.

Anywhoo, I wanted to share with you guys my dorm room, and to any incoming freshman of UNT who want to know what the dorms looks like. So here's my dorm room tour of my adorable little side of the room in Clark Hall at UNT aka, University of North Texas. :)

 Cuuuute right?! Black and turquoise are my main and only two colors. My room back home was 100% turquoise, so I decided to switch it up a bit. I wanted a some what sophisticated, young adult vibe (pretend the bows don't count). Since I'm in college now, I decided that the girly-teen-girl feel was not what I wanted...at all !Most of the girl's rooms that I've been in  have some type of animal print or paisley....I wonder when they'll grow out of that.

The Panoramic view
As you can see, our sides are completely different.

For future dormees, if you can choose the side of the room that is farthest from the door! You get more space, and you don't have to deal with slamming doors, and you get control of the window, which is crucial if you're a blogger. :)

 I had my mind made up that if I was going to put any type of posters or pictures on my wall, they had to be in black and white. and for a while, my walls were naked until my school had this fabulous poster sale! I bought a poster of San Fransico and a FAT ASS poster of Audrey Hepburn! :D Like how I spiced up Audrey by giving her a nose and Monroe piercing? 

Alsooooo, I have my favorite quote of all time by my favorite artist of all time! "I"m the drug in your veins..." from the song What you Need by The Weeknd. <3 I swear 9/10 girls dorm rooms that I've been in have some cliche quote like "Live, love, laugh." "Faith and Love" "Love and Happiness"...you get the idea. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just severely overdone. Where did all the originality go?

I bought all of my fluffy pillows from Ross and Walmart, and also the throw blanket. The bows, little candle holders, and beads are from Hobby lobby. Hobby Lobby is the mecca for cheap dorm decorations! Go there first before wasting your time else where.

My desk area that I spend so much time at. I don't know how I lived with out a desk for so long, my productivity has increased ten fold! I put all of my personal items in my desk as well, because I came with a crap lode of stuff. I have everything a girl needs in there. Hair products, skin products, body sprays, oral hygiene products, etc.

My closet. The mirror required me to drill no halls into the walls/door. It came with two metal bars that allow me to let it hang from the top of the door! :D The closet is decent. Has enough room for one person and most of their belongings. The sink area. Meh. It's just a sink. 

Here's a different angle! Overall, I adore my room. I cherish the time I get to spend in it when I have time, besides sleeping, especially when I'm alone. My only problem I have is that they're expensive, the walls are as thin as crackers and you can't control the temperature. I will definately be living in an apartment sophomore year! But for now, this will surely do.

Here's a video if you prefer live action:


  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! I hope you will participate so I can get to know you better~ ♡




  2. You sure made me laugh about the animal prints and the quotes :) I would honestly take your room as inspiration when redecorating my bedroom. Hope you do another tour when you move in to your apartment :D

  3. JessaofCakedVintageJanuary 20, 2013 at 11:17 PM

    Love how you can even see Audrey in the closet reflection!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa
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