Nov 7, 2012

“I’ll Lead” Sephora Crème Lipstick Review


Ahhhh, my first lipstick, and it was only 3 dollars! I usually don't buy wear lipstick because it just---focues all of my attention to my lips, and I'm not to fond of my lip shape. But ya gotta work what ya got!
Sephora was having a sale and I suppose they were trying to get rid of their creme lipsticks, because they were just selling them for a measly three dollars. Such a High quality product for so cheap. The color is named “I’'ll lead”, in the tube it looks like like an orange-pink mix, I want to say it’s a coral with red tones but I‘m horrible with describing colors. At this point, I'm almost certain that this shade isn't being produced anymore because it's not on the website. Lucky me! :)

(Swatched 2 or 3 thick coats)

If lightly applied, it has a softer look. . I achieved it my lightly dabbing it and then blending, I refuse to let the entire stick glide all at once. The creme aspect really makes this lipstick opaque. My top lip and bottom lip are different colors, but you can barely notice it. I was worried at first that I might need to apply a concealer to get the results I wanted, but no~smooth sailing. :)

"I'll lead" has a subtle shine and I'd reccomend this product for ladies with warm undertones, like myself. I am quite fond of this color because it's rich and bold, yet does not attract to much attention.

Exfoliating is a must because this lip color tends to accentuate dry lips and cracks---which is not sexy~

My FOTD, complete with the creme lipstick.


  1. love the hair style so much i pinned it on to my natural hair board :) / Yoli from Pink & Leopard Prints

  2. Hi! i just wanted to let you know i nominated you for the Leibster blog award! :) check out my blog post to see how the leibster award thing works haha :) Have a good day!

  3. its soo pigmented! looks amazing on u!!

  4. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"January 20, 2013 at 11:17 PM

    wow they have cream lipsticks now? Wondrous

  5. I LIKE THAT PICTURE!! How did you do that??

  6. Simple.

    Step 1: Take your favorite picture and open it in photoshop

    Step 2: Then open it again in a new work spread

    Step 3: With the second photo, flip it horizontally so that it creates a mirror image

    Step 4: Copy and paste the flipped picture on to the canvas with the original picture and move it accordingliy.

    Step 5: To get the cool hue, go to image>photo filter> and click on 'cooling filter 80', then set the density to 16% and that's it.

  7. your gorgeous and u have gorgeous lips! you need to grab some more lipsticks, theyre a great way to amp up your look :)