Nov 18, 2012

Sponsored - i.Fairy Yuri Red Review

It has been a hot minute since I've reviewed a pair of circle lenses, but I'm excited to get back to it. I've always loved reviewing them, and after taking a little break, they're back on my wish lists.
I may be a bit rusty, but bare with me today, the lovely folks at Lens Village, offered to sponsor me. Since it's been a while since I've had I pair, and remembering how fun I use to have wearing them, I hastily snatched up the offer. I chose the i.Fairy Yuri Red because well, I've never had a red lens. They look unique AF, annnnnd, there's only like 1 other girl who has actually had the courage to test them out!

Stock Pic:

Lensvillage sent me i.fairy Yuri Red lenses to try, and it came free with a cuuuuurte circle lens case. I  love those things. Way more pleasing to look at than the standard cases. And for all of my OF i.fairy fans out there, you'll notice that the bottle have become way more sophisticated, they're not all pink and cute-sy anymore, AND you'll see that i.Fairy also has begun to apply authenticity stickers to their vials!

You can't peel them off to reveal a code or anything like that, they're just there---to assure you that they're the real deal. I assume because counter fitters wouldn't go through the trouble to produce a holographic sticker.

Actual Lenses:

On to the Review!

Color: 7/10 - If you're looking for a vampire red, these are definitely not it. Don't get me wrong, there is red in the lens, but it's a very dark, hardly noticeable maroon red. The violet overpowers the red, and from a distance it blends to make just a deep violet color. Had there not been so much black coming in, I'm sure the red would've been able to stand a change. I actually like it though. The Yuris are opaque enough to get noticed, but not red enough to live up to its name, so don't be misled. Although they look nothing like the stock pic, the 3-toned color is adventurous.

Design: 9/10 - The design is the main reason why I chose these lenses, the pixelated spiral limbal ring just looked to darn enticing to pass up! It is not your average solid circle, it is skewed. Because the limbal ring is speckled, it is not super obvious, but it's enough to deter those "safe" buyers from giving them a chance. 

Enlargement: 9/10 - I'm pretty sure these are around 14.8-15mm, but the bottle says 16.2mm. Either way, these are not for the faint of heart. They are big, and dolly, and enlarging, and cover my entire iris and then some. Not disappointing at all! Since the limbal ring isn't solid, they're not as enlarging as they could be though.

Comfort: 10/10 - i.fairy is always a crowd please when it comes to comfort. I've never had any problems.

(compared to i.Fairy Yuri Grey)

Final Verdict: I'm a elated that Lensvillage sent me these, and I am happy about my selection. The i.Fairy Yuri Reds are def. not your every day lenses, they have a marvelous maroon color, great enlargement, a wacky design that I adore, and they're comfortable so I can stun people for hours on end.

Full Face Pics:

Excuse the back ground. Thaz mi roommates side. Excpet for the table in the center, that's obviously mine with all the contact lens supplies.

Video Review:


  1. Ahh-- thank you so, SO much for reviewing these! I was about to get these next, ~just~ out of a burning curiosity for what they looked like IRL.

    Turns out... they're not as reddish as I'd hoped (even seeing all that violet in the stock pic of the lenses).

    Huh. Welp. At least they're comfy? >.>'