Nov 26, 2012

Queen of the Jungle - Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I've tried these before through the Influenster program, and they so kindly sent me another pair-- and if ya don't know already, they send free beauty products to test, so if you need an invite, contact me! Anywho, so they sent these to me again because I won a challenge! This time I was sent the print called Queen of the Jungle, and for a giraffe print, it's a wonky name, because well...giraffes don't live in jungles, and when you think of Queen, which is opposite to King, I'd say the lion comes first. But let me stop being so critical! (My Public Relations Major is showing)  

As stated in my last post about these nail strips, I like these, but not enough to actually go out and buy them. They're really conveniant, you get a professional design with out seeing a professional! The first time I tested these, I hated the application process, it was very tedious and I kept screwing up. But the second time around was much different. Practice and patience is key. It comes with a mini nail file/buffer and a stick to further help the strip stick to your nail. It also comes with a visual! 

The price has lowered to around 7 or 8 dollars as opposed to 10, so that's great! Buuuutttt, I still think that's a but much for a one-time use nail product. They only come with 16 strips! Adding 4 more little strips couldn't hurt any one...right? That would make the product much more worth the money.

Annnnd, here's the final product! I'm not to crazy about the design. I feel like it matches my skin tone almost to perfectly, so it just looks like I have on a crackle brown polish. I'm sure they'd pop more on ladies with lighter or darker skin tones than my own. But I am happy that I found out a way to lengthen the life of these, by adding a gel top coat and curing it, I assume that it'll be chip resistant for 2 weeks or more.


  1. I received Queen of the Jungle from Influenster also. I haven't worn it yet, but I think I may try it soon. Perhaps as an accent first. Yours look nice! Lengthening the life of them by adding a gel top coat was a great idea! Be sure to tell us how long your mani lasts :)

  2. I am glad I found this pictorial because I was not sure if I wanted to try this! But Your nails turned out great!