Jan 27, 2013

[Sponsored] i.Fairy Yuri Grey Review

Lensvillage must hate me. They kindly sponsored me these lenses around 3 months ago, and I am just now reviewing them! I didn't forget or anything, I just been busy y'know? College is a full time job, no doubt. I'm sowwy, Lensvillage. Forgive meeee~? :'(
So there are the i.Fairy Yuri Greys. I chose them because, I luuurve grey lenses, and I was intrigued by the design. The spiral limbal ring immediately sold me. Also not to mention that these lenses also have a pretty violet color adding more charm to ze lenses. Okay, enough jibber jabber, here's the review.

Stock Pic:

The Bottles:

In case you missed my review of the i.fairy yuri reds, i'll explain my thoughts once more. The bottles that i used to know and love by i.fairy were cute, and pink and had little donuts on them. But they've changed. They look way more sophisticated now. Also, they include the URL of a legit website that you can visit.

i.Fairy has donned their bottles with anti-fake stickers. They're holographic 
You can't peel them off to reveal a code or anything, they're really just there to assure you they're authentic. I wouldn't be so worried about getting fake i.Fairy lenses anyway. Geo's seem to be the only ones at the moment that are being counter fitted.

Lensvillage also sends complimentary animal cases. You know, those cute ones with the bears. ^_^;

Actual Lenses:

On to the Review!

Color: 7/10 - I have no idea what's up with i.fairy. I'm not sure if they're color blind or what?! They name the lens one color, but in actuality it's a completely different one. I almost named this post 'i.fairy yuri VIOLET' because I forgot they were grey. The grey id definitely overshadowed by this beautiful lavender. This the most prettiest violet I've ever seen in a circle lens. If I could find a lens with this was that entire soft purple color, I'd def. buy it.From a distance, they look like a murky violet, and they are still very vibrant. What I don't like is all of the black in the lens. Would be so much better and softer with out it.

Design: 9/10The design is the main reason why I chose these lenses, the pixelated spiral limbal ring just looked to darn enticing to pass up! It is not your average solid circle, it is skewed. Because the limbal ring is speckled, it is not super obvious, but it's enough to deter those "safe" buyers from giving them a chance. 

 Enlargement: 6/10 - The bottle says 16.2, but I'm sure that these are a sold 14.5. Or maybe its just me. I feel like since the color is lighter, they look smaller that what they actually are. The obviously enlarge, though.

Comfort: 10/10 - i.Fairy is always a crowd pleaser when it comes to comfort, I've never had any problems.


Final Verdict: I thought I liked the red yuri's but these are much more wearable. the enlargement is satisfactory, i live for the violet in these circle lenses, and the design can't be passed up. I made a good choice with these and I am delighted that Lensvillage sent them to me.

Full Face Flicks!

okay so i had on a bonnet, and my lips was a little crusty. but im still cute.


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