Feb 15, 2013

[Sponsored] Dueba Honey Doll Violet Review

Aye, big shout out to the homies over at SOLUTION-LENS.COM for sponsoring me these circle lenses.
I got to choose them on my own, and since I am lacking in violet lenses, and since that's always the prettiest of circle lenses to me, I decided hey, why not~
I looked at Dueba Honey Doll Violets and couldn't find any reviews on them. So that means I'm first. >:)
But then again, that could be because I don't know the official name for these. Please, if you know, let me know

Stock Pic:

The Bottles:
I love this picutre till death. My first time using my lightbox, and it looks perfect to me!

The Actual Lenses:

 On to the Review:

Color: 7/10- These lenses are a little weird. In the case, they look like a soft, pastel, lilac color, but in the eyes they take on a darker tone. Though I wish the lens was true to its unworn color and not blue-ish, the violet is still like-able. It's very pigmented, vibrant, and does not look washed out under low lighting.

Design: 6/10 - Meh. Nothing too special. I usually like unique designs. It's not all bad though, the limbal ring is minimal, which makes them a wee bit more natural, and there isn't too much black in the lens muting the color.

Enlargement: 10/10 -   I was quite suprised with these lenses! Apparently I misjudged them. I thought they'd be a standard size circle lenses, some where around 14.0-14.2, no. Just no. For a lack of a limbal ring, these are huge! I EVEN GET A slight HALO WITH THESE! If you don't know already, halos are very enticing, and sought after, and they're kinda hard to get due to all the specific factors of achieving them. 


Comfort: 8/10 - The felt a little dry at first, but my eyes adjusted. They're comfy for the most part. No real problems.

Full Face:

Overall, these are a basic pair of lenses, that I do like. Not love. But like. The color payoff is there, the halo makes me swoon. and they look great with fake eyelashes.


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