Mar 10, 2013

KISS Ever Pro Lashes Review

Hola~ I recived these lashes a while ago through the Influenster program. They were sent in the beauty blogger box back in September! I suppose the reason I've been holding them off is because I just never had an excuse to wear them up until a couple weeks ago. I've recently been introduced to mascara, and have been wearing it everyday, and now, it seems like my eyelashes are thinning! Thus, I took a break, well, here I am, reviewing falsies.

The packaging is very...American. Sophisticated. Simple. Feminine. 

Instructions on the back, and if you just simply can't comprehend, they include a link to a live action demo.
Tweezers and glue included, which is handy. The glue has a faint scent, nothing to naseating. At first, I was worried because the glue is an opaque white, but it dries completely clear. What I don't like about the glue is that it does not come with a brush, instead, it's just a skinny piece of plastic. I don't mind it too much, but it does get a bit messy. I'm just too much of a perfectionist to deal.

The lashes are made of 100% human hair! The thought of putting another human's hair on my eyes grossed me out at first, but then I remembered that I once wore weave which was made of the same thing haha. The lashes criss-cross at the root. They are very thick and voluminous, and lengthy!

My eyeball with falsies included. First impression of these were negative. I couldn't help but to compare myself to those hood-rat, ratchet lashes that you can get applied at your nail salon, and then I laughed at the thought that I looked like Mr Fuzzles (?), that elephant with the googly lashes from Sesame Street. But they grew on me! With circle lenses, They weren't so bad. Just takes some getting used to.

Upon application, the lashes slightly itched, and felt heavy. Surely this is normal for 1st time users.

If I don't say so myself, they're cuuuuute~! Perfect for a night of clubbing. Personally, I wouldn't wear them on a normal day. They're much too flashy and dramatic. But man, do they make me photogenic as hell!

You can purchase these from Kiss's website and some drug stores. I can't find the price, but no doubt they're affordable. Def. reccomended.


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