May 30, 2013

Spring Fever VoxBox 2013 from Influenster

 I received these complimentary products for free from Influenster. Influenster is a great program for social butterflies who like free goodies~! If you need an invite, leave a comment!

My thoughts on this box are weak. I wasn't too excited. I feel like, when Influenster was new, they had better products. IDK what it is with them lately, but the quality of sponsors is dwindling. They have had these press on nails in about 3 boxes now...Probably because no one likes them.

I digress. The products sent to me were a Kandy Bar Kake by Tasty Kake. It is a creme filled cake, covered in chocolate to resemble a chocolate bar. Unfortunately, the cake was about 2 weeks expired by the time it got to me. My curiosity urged me to take a bit anyway. My first impression was I did not like the texture of the chocolate. It felt like soft plastic in my mouth, and the cake was too hard and too sweet. But duhhhh, it was expired!

Then, we have the clear gel outlast deodorant by Secret. Not much to say about it. It's just deodorant. Nothing too amazing. I will be using it....after I finish my stock that I have stashed away.

Next to the deodarnt, is an instant manicure by imPress. Yeah. Press on nails....that I will be giving away to my little cousin. Because 1) My nail beds are just too fat and too long to fit them 2) I have my nails professionally done right now 3) Press on nails are for little girls who's mommies won't let them paint their nails and 4) They are for elderly women who like to spice of their lives and press ons are the answer. (Damn, why am i so snarky? These nails never did anything to me. and they were free! :'()

Next to the nails is a tinted Apple lip balm by NYC. This is the product that I was most excited to try. Although it is labeled apple, it's actually cherry scented. It didn't dissapoint. I love the color it gives me. I can have that just bitten look with out having some one's nasty lips on mine. :) so A+ for that. 

and the last product was some gel by OSiS. I have extremely thick hair, so I've never been to keen on using gel. Even when my hair was straight, I didn't like it. I let me mom try it and she says that it's a light gel that can hold her curls in place.

This box may have been mostly a flop, but overall they have awesome programs, so I suggest you head over there and get your free box today.


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