Sep 18, 2010

Natural Hair Product Review: Tea Tree Oil

Purchased from: CVS
Cost: $2.99
Size: 2Oz

Endurability: 9/10 - This oil was very long lasting! If you rubbed my hair 8 hours later, traces of the oil would be on your hand.

Conditioning: 10/10 - Because it containted Aloe Vera, this product made my hair very soft to the touch, practically until you re-applied it.

Appearence on Hair/Curl Definition: 5/10 - This oil really made my curls pop, but not for long. It's be shiny for about the first our, then wear away, leaving my hair looking dull and dry, when really it wasnt. I supposed because this oil is really light and watery.

Overall: This product was great! and I do reccomend it for natural haired gals. It softens your hait with out making it look greasy. It smelled great as well, almost minty like. It didnt add to any product build up. The only think I really hate about it is the size.